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The Antenna Project

The Antenna Project intends to be a mobile television broadcast initiative to uncover unique locations and voices across America. This first phase of of the initiative includes data gathering and experiments in producing investigative reporting. Please join Lisa Johanson and Joel Slayton on their epic journey to re-discover America.

Humble Beginings Something to look at for now!

The Antenna Project is a work in progress. Please refer to the News section to see a sample of investigative reporting. Our plan is to formally launch the Anenna Project next year in the form of a mobile narrow cast television program and podcast.

Here are three of the locations we are researching:

The Grave of Lee Chui and The Chinese Cemetary, Gaker City, Oregon

The Berkeley Pit, Anaconda Copper Mine, Butte, Montana

Oldest Mosque in the United States, Ross, North Dakota

Until then check out this research project currently under development with collaborators Emily Bright, Steve Durie, and Garret Beleu called Citizen Sticks.