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The Antenna Chronicles

Untold Stories of America's Back Roads

The Antenna Chronicles are a series of art + research projects exploring the relationship of land-use to sense-of-place. The objective is to probe the mysteries and frames of reference that define the contemporary landscape.

L&J Mobile Research Laboratory

A 2012 Airstream provides for a highly flexible research laboratory and variable-media production studio supporting enviromental, historical, and cultural explorations.


The 649-mile Gila River, a tributary of the Colorado, flows through New Mexico and Arizona with a watershed area of 64,000 square miles. Named America’s most endangered River in 2019 due to the severe threats of climate change and a proposed diversion project, exasperated by the strain of decades of irrigation and agricultural pollution. The river has been home to indigenous people for thousands of years and remains vital to the region’s culture and heritage. The Gila River Project investigates one of America’s under-appreciated ecosystems.

The Smith Ranch

Gila River

Papago German POW Camp

Gila Indian Casino