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The Antenna Project

The Antenna Project is a variable media initiative focused on relationships between land-use and sense-of-place. Envisioned as an art and research enterprise, it emerges visual stories addressing the cultural challenges and aspirations of individuals relative to their environment. The initiative gives voice to otherwise untold stories that serve to inform public perspectives on contemporary environmental challenges.

Humble Beginings While on location we will conduct extensive research aimed at creating a robust variable-media portrait depicting local land-use and sense-of-place subject matter. We will also interact with cultural societies, local museums schools, and cultural centers to create awareness and engage community members in our process.

Here are three of the locations we are researching:

The Grave of Lee Chui and The Chinese Cemetary, Baker City, Oregon

The Berkeley Pit, Anaconda Copper Mine, Butte, Montana

Gila River Watershed,Cliff, New Mexico