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Grant County Ranch and Rideo Museum
Grant County Ranch and Rodeo Museum
John Day, Oregon
July 11, 2019

From ropes and saddles to rodeo champions and queens, past and present, the museum features a vast collection of lifestyle artifacts and photographs donated by local ranch families We were provided a private tour and unique insight by Tobe, a local rancher, retired bull rider and blacksmith specializing in prosthetic shoes for injured horses.

John Day is a city located about 2 miles (3.2 km) north of Canyon City in Grant County, Oregon at the intersection of U.S. 395 and 26. John Day is surrounded by the Strawberry Mountains to the south and the Blue Mountains to the east. Grant County Oregon has been treasured in the heart of pioneers for over 150 years. Surviving the collapse of gold mining in the late 1800’s, John Day re-emerged as a proud community of ranch families invested in the heritage of horse culture and as caretakers of the land.

Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally
Baker City, Oregon
July 13, 2019

Halfway between the North Pole and th equator near the 45th Parallel sits Baker City, Oregon, home to The Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally. Established in 200 by Steve Folkestad and hisbrother, this premier rally attracts upwards of 8000 motorcycle enthusiasts annually. A 182-mile ‘Devils Tail’ loop ride on Hells Canyon Dam Road featuring a 25-mile twisty segment is the signature ride of the event The rally transforms Main Street into a spectacular showcase of custom Harleys and is the perfect people watching venue to take in all that is biker culture.

Along the Devils Tail Loop, motorcyclist experience some of the best riding imaginable and can take in unobstructed vistas where the ruts of wagon-wheels still visible from the Oregon Trail and empty into Baker City A half million pioneers traveled west using the Oregon trail. Most of the people that moved west traveled in covered wagons, large enough for all their belongings as well as the food they needed for a journey that would take months from its origin in Missouri 2000 miles away. It seems fitting to celebrate what are now considered some of the best roads in America with a premier motorcycle rally.

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