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2023 Rope 4 Hope - Cliff, New Mexico


The community of Cliff, New Mexico, like many small towns, is a place where neighbors are quick to help each other and advantage local resources. As part of that community, Sherman and Denice Baird use their 10-acre property to sponsor their annual ‘Rope 4 Hope’ event to raise money for local patients undergoing cancer treatments who are experiencing financial hardship. The event features Barrel Racing and Team Roping with contestants age 8 to 80 participating, and donated food and raffle items. Trophy buckles are awarded to the champion of each event.

Photo credit: Frank Kenney

The Family Fund Initiative of the L&J Ranch sponsored one of the trophy buckles and made a donation for discretionary expenses to the 2023 Rope 4 Hope event. The Baird’s inspiration taps into the generosity of a small ranching community that translates a day of roping and riding into financial assistance for mammograms, chemotherapy, medications, and medical expenses to fight cancer.